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DAGV - Researcher Contacts   (Foko)


The system "Researcher Contacts" (Forscherkontakte = FOKO) shall offer the individual family researcher the possibility of getting in touch with other researchers who are searching for the same family names in the same area. This shall avoid costly and time-consuming double work, promote mutual support and cooperation and detect communities of ancestors. The data files are collected within the "German Working Group of Genealogical Associations e.V." (Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft genealogischer Verbaende e.V. = DAGV) according to a standardized system. The overall data base for researcher contacts of all concerned associations has been published in a internet FOKO database (offered by


A data set of the FOKO lists contains the following entries:

  COUNTRY Identification (i.e. 'D' = Germany)
  BK Religion abbreviation(i.e. 'ev', 'rk')
  PLZ Postcode
  DISTRICT Abbreviation (i.e. UFR = Upper Franconia)
  FROM / TO Reearched period
  GV / MNR   Society’s abbreviation and ID of the researcher


As a "regional collecting point", the GFF handles the collection and evaluation of the Franconian region.


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